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Young traveler ticket purchasing and boarding

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Hey there! I'm wanting to purchase a ticket for my nephew to visit my family this summer. He's 14 and more than up for it.

Questions: how do I go about purchasing youth traveler fares thru Southwest? Is it over the phone or online?

Also, my sis(his mom) will drop him off at the airport; is there any assistance for him at the gate should he get nervous, especially at a connection?

Lastly, what ID does he need, as he's 14? He has his passport, I would think that's sufficient.

Any help would be appreciated.



Concerned Uncle


Re: Young traveler ticket purchasing and boarding

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He'll have a regular "Wanna Get Away" fare or else one of the other standard adult tickets, so no worry there and feel free to book him online as far as I know you will be able to enter the required infomration online when you book:


Here's a good summary of step-by-step activity:


His mom should ask for a "gate pass" to stay with him through the origination airport through boarding of the aircraft and hang out until the plane takes off.


You should do likewise in order to meet him at the gate at the destination. 


As far as connections he's older than the age where you can pay extra for official Southwest assistance. If possible obviously a direct flight would be the best option, even if it costs a little extra due to demand. ($50 is what you would have paid for escort of a <12 year old, so on that order of incremental cost should be no-brainer to go direct.)


The passport would be helpful to have for demonstrating age although photo ID isn't required, proof of age is required for Southwest. TSA doesn't require photo ID for minors.





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