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can i take my injection meds on the flight

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 can i take my meds in a needle on the plane with me


Re: can i take my injection meds on the flight

New Arrival

There is a difference in the text here about labels (you would want them labeled in an emergency), but it would seem Southwest would like you to bring a doctor's note, especially if you require to whip out a sharp objects while onboard. For the sake of security & nerves, please notify a flight attendant before doing so, otherwise just leave it in the bag while aboard (emergencies are emergencies but you may be charged for a plane diverting its course for safety and security). Again, call up cust service beforehand if you want to chat with them about it. 


From TSA: 

Medication is ok to place in your carry-on or checked luggage in any form. From our web page: "All medications in any form or type (for instance, pills, injectables, or homeopathic) and associated supplies (syringes, Sharps disposal container, pre-loaded syringes, jet injectors, pens, infusers, etc.) are allowed through the security checkpoint once they have been screened. Atropens, an auto-injection system that can help treat many emergency conditions (low heart rate, breathing problems, and excess saliva related to insecticide, nerve gas or mushroom poisoning) are also allowed. We do not require that your medications be labeled."


From SWA: Keep all medicines - over-the-counter drugs as well as prescriptions - in their original bottles. If you must travel with special paraphernalia (i.e. needles, EpiPens, etc.) carry a legible doctor's note explaining your medical condition.


-Just my humble opinion. Flying twice a week and always looking to help out.