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cancelled flight

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I have flown several times with Southwest Airlines and always appreciated the great customer service when making good chars to my flights.   Recently however  I had to cancel a flight that I had purchased for my fiance, Jeffrey Knight.   We broke up June 13th and the wedding was cancelled . When I cancelled the flight I was given a credit, but not on myour name . They explained your policy but I'm asking if you can makeep an exception this one time to a customer that was totally ignorant .


Please advise me asap as I would likexpect to use the  crediterm for a flight in February.   Your consideration is appreciated.  



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Re: cancelled flight

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My first piece of advice is to remove the confirmation number and ticket number from your post. With those pieces of information a nefareous perso n could wreak havoc upon you.


Second, this is a custome to customer forum, so your request here will not produce the results you desire.


My advice would be to e-mail the company ((click on send us an e-mail -- third item from top left of the following web page):


The phone number is listed, too.


Southwest's normal  policy is that travel funds must be used by the originally named ticket holder, but your situation is unique. You'll need to contact the company to get a ruling. You'll never know if you don't ask