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checking bag to lay over city

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has anyone ever checked a flight to the city with a layover and not final destination 


Re: checking bag to lay over city

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I am pretty sure that is not allowed.


Your best bet is to carry the bag on the plane,   give it to someone outside the secure zone in the layover city, and then go thru TSA screening again.

Re: checking bag to lay over city

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Similar question was asked recently and it was surmised that you could ask the agent at check-in to only check the bag to the layover city, but no one reported at the time that they had actually done this.  The best option would be carry-on the item, but that assumes the item can be carried on and that you have enough time to walk the item out past security to deliver the item to someone and then return through security.  If you gate check the item you may have more flexibility about where the item gets checked to as you could say it needs to be used during the layover.

Is the item something you could carry on?  Can it get through TSA security?



Re: checking bag to lay over city

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Most airlines don't allow this due to "Hidden City Ticketing" where someone will buy a connecting flight with a stop in the city they actually want to go to because it's cheaper than a flight that ends in said city. Airline's don't like this and thus don't check bags just a partial way. This tends to not be a problem on Southwest because a connecting flight is generally more expensive due to paying a combined fair if I'm not mistaken. Sometimes a gate checked bag will be handed back to you at the stop over unless the next flight is on the same plane. But generally all bags are checked to the final destination to avoid passengers skipping out on their last flight. This is true except when arriving on an international flight into the US where you have to grab your checked bag and recheck or not if you're continuing on.



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