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disabled and looking for advise on flying from LAX ->phoenix

Explorer C

My mother ( 75 years old) and I are both disabled and are flying to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale for treatment. sitting with our knees bent for long times is very painful for both of us, and standing and walking is almost impossible for me right now (which is the reason for going). 
what seats do you recommend we get? is upgrading worthwhile? is there any help we can get? I have lots of points which is why we are using southwest, and comfort is most important.


Re: disabled and looking for advise on flying from LAX ->phoenix

Aviator A



I would recommend getting the bulk head seats as there is more leg room so you can stick your feet out a little bit more you may not have a tray table though as that depends on the plane I have seen some bulk head seats with tables that fold out of the arm rest while other planes that don't have a table if that makes a difference for you. Also be sure to talk to the ticket counter about pre boarding I would recommend you do that and then you would not need to pay for an upgrade. If you can't preboard for whatever reason then I would pay for the upgraded boarding (for 1 of you) which is sold at the gate if available to get you A1-15 ($30-$50 depending on flight) and then you could save a seat for your mom. 


Hope this helps