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disappointed customer. Lost bag

Explorer C

February 21st,2018



30 days ago January 20,2018. I was told that my luggage was delayed and would arrive on the next flight. A week ago I received a msg from southwest stating that they could not validate my claim. (Southwest does not care that my bag was lost on there watch). I contacted the agent who wrote me this denial letter at central baggage and she  told me that she would have a supervisor contact me to discuss further options. 30 days and nothing has happened but a denial letter. I have provided southwest with everything they have requested. I truly believe that southwest has made no attemp to locate my bag since the date of travel. I’ve spoken with eveyone at southwest BUT the person responsible for my claim. For whatever reason the person handling my claim will not talk to me over he phone. I think that’s just to add to my frustration. Southwest really wants me to forget they lost my luggage with all my belongings. I refuse to accept this. And am willing take this o the Highest level. Everybody has o be held accountable. 


Souhwesr where is your accountability.





Re: disappointed customer. Lost bag

Explorer A

I think the topic of a lost bag belongs in the General Travel Policies, at least more then here in the community section, but it is note worthy that there is no specialized lost-bags-and-problems grouping.


You wrote that you were told the bag would be on the next plane. What I did not read is if you followed the Conditions of Carriage where it requires a written claim form be obtained within 4 hours. Did you? I also wonder what airport was involved.


Some airports have no checking of bags being taken off the belt and going out the door by the non-owner. LA and Newark are two prime examples.


I do not know if the lost-bagage claims are checked against bags remaining on the belt unclaimed or if bags are scanned as they are being unloaded from the plane, but I think the latter is unlikely.


Unfortunately, 3 weeks is also the limit for any recourse (see C of C)


3 weeks is a lot of time and I can understand their response of not being able to validate something from a month prior. I would have been on the phone the next day requesting an update.