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e-pass expiration help

New Arrival

Good Evening,

    I hope this is the correct place to post.   Last May, I was named Teacher of the Year by our local Chamber of Commerce.  One of the prizes was an e-pass for 1 round trip ticket wherever Southwest flies.  Awesome gift! 

  However, the voucher expires 3/28/17 (evidently it was purchased/gifted to the Chamber of Commerce in March of 2016).  I could not use it last summer as our vacation plans were already set.  Being a teacher using it before the end of March is going to be extremely difficult with school being in session.  

  Does anyone know if a) there is a way to get the voucher extended for use in the summer? or b) can it be given to someone else (which is a bummer but better than having it go to waste)?

  I looked at the fine print on the back and it says travel must be completed by the date on the voucher so I can't book for future travel during the summer.

  Any suggestions?


Re: e-pass expiration help

Top Contributor

Hi there 


I recommend calling customer relations at 855-234-4654. They will be able to look at everything and help you out and answer all your questions about transferring the voucher or a possible extension. 


Hope it works out for you and congrats on being teacher of the year!


Re: e-pass expiration help

New Arrival


   Thank you for the advice (and well wishes).  I called that number and, unfortunately, the kind lady I spoke to could not help me as she said these types of vouchers can not be extended.  She gave me a different department to call tomorrow as they are closed for the holiday today.  

  Fingers crossed that calling tomorrow nets some positive results.  I will let you know.


Re: e-pass expiration help

Retired Community Manager

Hi @sbixby,


Typically, we are not able to extend these passes, but they are transferrable, so you can certainly let someone else take advantage of the travel opportunity. On all our tickets, as you mentioned, travel must be completed (not just scheduled) by the expiration date.