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earlybird credits

Explorer C

Southwest needs to make an exception. People canceling flights due to age, illness, orders to stay home by their state. Deserve refund credits for their earlybird check in fee. This was not a volunteer act but a direct order from the governor of my State. Wake up Southwest its taking advantage and profiting over a service you are not providing, nor did it cost you for any material losses. 

Give those who ask their credit so that they will feel good about your airline when they can fly safely.


Re: earlybird credits

Adventurer B

As it's been said before this is a peer-to-peer forum. Maybe better get an answer from SWA via their Twitter available in the contact me section below. 

Re: earlybird credits


While EarlyBird is nonrefundable, we're recommending our Customers impacted by EarlyBird Check-In please contact Customer Relations for consideration by phone at 1-855-234-4654, or any of the options in the link below. Thank you!


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Community Manager

Re: earlybird credits

Frequent Flyer A

Southwest, like all airlines around the world, is trying to survive right now. The terms were clearly laid out when you purchased EBCI. They are losing much more than you, and I suggest it is unfair that you expect them to make an exception in this regard. It isn't your fault, but it isn't their fault either. Honestly, EBCI is a relatively small amount, and they are just playing by clearly state and fair rules.