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flight cancelled

Explorer C

My 21 yo sons' flight from Denver to Providence tomorrow morning was just cancelled by the airline.  He already booked a hotel for tonight at the airport and a shuttle for the morning. Its an hour and 40 min wait to speak to customer svc and they have rescheduled him to fly from Den to ORLANDO then to Providence!  Plus he now has a four hour layover and gets in at night and then has to drive home to western ma!  And he sttarts classes on Monday...

we need help from anyone re:  how to reach someone to get on a different flight that I see online which would send him to Charlotte then Prov by 4:45pm... makes so much more sense!

Also how does he request reimbursement for the now useless shuttle?  

His friend will be dropping him off at the hotel and he is alone in a strange city etc not to mention the way this has ruined his final hours with his friend today!!     Thanks for any advice...feeling bad for him and helpless


Re: flight cancelled

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your son's troubles.


I just looked and there are no seats available tomorrow from Denver to Providence. So he's lucky he has one at all. The airline can;t just conjure up a seat to give him. If there are no seats, then there are no seats.


Unfortunately stuff like this happens.all the time on airlines. When weather hits, the airlines can only react to it, but they can;t control it.


I'd suggest keeping your browser open, and check for flights on tomorrow. Do it every 10 minutes or so. Inventory opens and closes, but is seldom available for any extended time.

If he finds anything, He should be able to change his flight online.


Now the bad news, with a noreaster coming in, it is entirely possible that things will be even more messed up tomorrow. His flights could be impacted.


I hope they are not. 

Re: flight cancelled

Aviator A

Another option: see what other airlines can do.


Again the proviso is that the noreaster may mess them up, too.