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flying in june will there be more cancellations

Explorer B

Have been reading lately about all these canellations.Some within 24 hrs. and some up to 5 days before flight.We are flying from Seatac to LV June 11, returning June 19.Wondering if the problems SW is having will be resolved by then?.Im assuming that all these cancellations are due to the Max8 being grounded? |Im starting be be concerned and I still have 2 months to go.I am not flying on the Max8 and I have already booked the round trip.If my flight is only  cancelled to accomadate the grounding then I am hoping the fix is made quickly.It would surely ruin my vacation because my work would never let me change my vacation plans(they are that way) and I needed to book my dog sitter way in advance so that she does not take any other dogs for that time.That would really mess her up and go without the income she needs to live from dog sitting.Anybody have that magic answer?


Re: flying in june will there be more cancellations

Aviator A

Nobody knows with certainty but I think you should be okay given 1 - the flights are not until June and 2 - the frequency of flights between Seattle and Las Vegas is high (Southwest shows 13 flights and 16 flights for the dates you mentioned).  Even if your flight gets cancelled (for any reason) it should be easier for Southwest to get you on a new flight than it would be if you were flying to a destination with more limited service frequency.

Yes, the cancellations are primarily due to the MAX 8 grounding (though there can always be a cancellation for weather, maintenance, or other reasons). See the latest update from Southwest here.



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