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Re: folding wagon for kids and carseats

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This thread has been incredibly helpful, as I also will be flying solo with a toddler and carseat in tow and wanted to bring a wagon. I just wanted to make sure the dimensions/weight of my wagon would also be ok: 39.4 x 18.5 x 32.7 inches and 22 lbs. Collapses just like a stroller. Here is the link to it:


Thank you in advance for your help!

Re: folding wagon for kids and carseats

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Lindsey -


You previously indicated a folding wagon will be treated like a stroller. 


To confirm, can we use in the airport and simply gate check during boarding process (in place of stroller)?  


Thanks for clarifying.


Re: folding wagon

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Traveling tomorrow to a sporting tournament.  Would love to check my folding wagon for one of my checked bags.  Is that an allowed item?


Thank you.

Re: folding wagon for kids and carseats

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I know this thread is over a year old, but I had a few questions related to the topic here. I want to make sure nothing has changed in policy. I am thinking of buying a foldable wagon, so my 1yo and 4yo can use when we go to SeaWorld in San Diego. This could also be especially helpful in lugging around the car seats & strollers while in the airport. This is the item I'm looking to buy:


Will we be allowed to gate check this foldable wagon before we board the plane? We will have 2 car seats total and another folding stroller as well (one car seat will be on the plane and the rest will be gate checked). In reviews of this product, others have said this wagon when folded is about the same width and length as a regular stroller. I appreciate any feedback you can offer on this. I don't want to run into any issues at the gate when we try to check this wagon. Thanks so much!



Re: folding wagon for kids and carseats

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Hi Lindsey,

Does the rule for traveling with a folding wagon still apply?  I will be traveling alone with 3 children ages 4 and under and would prefer to bring a collapseable wagon in lieu a stroller and hoping someone will walk as we land fairly late.  Please let me know if this is possible to check it at the gate.


thank you.


Re: folding wagon for kids and carseats

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If it folds up like a stroller then it would be treated like a stroller. Particularly if the manufacturer advertises it as airport friendly you should be fine. Send a link to the specific model if you still aren't sure.


For instance - if you put it inside one of the Southwest blue bags to protect it from scuffs, and no one would know whether it was a wagon or a stroller inside the bag - then it is equivalent to a stroller.


This is the website:


--> they describe "any type of stroller" which the wagon seems to be equivalent as long as it folds up and is able to be carried by the baggage handler.






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Re: folding wagon for kids and carseats

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Yes! See answer from @DancingDavidE above...


Re: folding wagon for kids and carseats

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Hello again!


I have some suggestions about your car seats in the other question you posted; I'm a little unsure if your seats will fit. I'd check aLao to see if they have "FAA Approved" stickers. I gave some other options that may make it a bit easier on you than try to travel with two bigger seats. It can certainly be done, but you might be able to go a different route. 


As for the wagon ... I'm unsure actually. My guess is that you probably could gate check it as you would a stroller. But I think we should summon @LindseyD for a definitive answer. 


Best of luck!