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how to obtain a refund

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I have a reservation booked for June 1 from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Chicago. I need to cancel it. What would be the procedure to obtain a refund. Is there anything else additional that I need to do? The ticket was purchased in January 2020 for April but due to the COVID it was changed for June 1. Do you need the flight number?



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Re: how to obtain a refund

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Since this is a customer to customer to customer forum, you won't be able to get a refund here.


However, Southwest's rules indicate that you cannot get a refund when you cancel your reservation. You'll get a travel fund that you can use for future travel thru September, 2022.


The only way to get a refund is if SW cancels your flight. 

Re: how to obtain a refund

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Changes or cancellations can all be completed online at  Near the top of the page there are large buttons for cancel or change your flight.  As noted, if you bought a Wanna Get Away fare, Southwest's lowest price and non-refundable fare, you will not receive a cash refund unless Southwest cancels the flight.  Instead you will receive a credit to use towards future travel that must be completed before September 2022.  If you don't have any other travel to book I suggest you wait until closer to your scheduled flight and if Southwest has not cancelled the flight a few days prior to scheduled departure then you can cancel it.  If Southwest cancels your flight you can call in and request a cash refund.