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l Serving Alcohol to Drunk Passengers policy

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Hello, I would like to inform you about an incident on flight 4537 (Denver to Austin) last Sunday involving a drunk passenger and your cabin crew. I warned your cabin crew that a gentleman was intoxicated and very loud, very vulgar, obnoxious and asked them to tell him to quiet down. I also warned them that we would order whiskey because he told the entire pane this while boarding.


Instead they served him whiskey and he became louder. I had to complain several times and was told that Southwest Airlines does not get involved in passenger disputes. I was not sure what I was supposed to do? I spoke with the pilot and he told me to file a complaint with your customer service department, but its been two days and they haven't even responded to me, they hardly even read my messages. I would like to know what the procedure is when reporting an intoxicated passenger to cabin crew and how they're supposed to handle it? My flight experience was asbolutely miserable because of this loud passenger and your staff still served him whiskey to a person that admitted to the whole flight that he was drunk, before boarding.


While boarding the flight, the loud passenger announced that he would be last on the plane but first to drink all the whiskey. He spoke so loudly I couldn't even hear the pilot on the loud speaker, or even hear the security procedures when the cabin crew shows the emergency exits. I told this to my flight attendant and warned her not serve him whiskey if he orders yet, but she sold it anyways. And she agreed he got more obnoxious after it, because we had to ask him to be quiet a few times after that. The man was shouting (talking?) to another passenger that came on standby that admitted he missed his previous flight because he was drunk at a bar!!!! These two guys had no business being on this plane because they were so loud and drunk.


It was very un-nerving to sit there with such a loud and rude passenger, who was belligerent and uncaring for others. When I got off the plane I asked the front crew what the lady's name was in the back cabin crew, and they said they didn't know her name, she was "new". I find that odd that nobody on the plane knew her name, yet she worked with them. The pilot told me he would not have allowed this to happen and assured me customer service would handle it. They told me to exit the plane and go to the counter. It was 1 AM.


Nobody was at the counter. I told my story to the lady at the baggage claim area, she gave me the 1800 number for customer service. They weren't open, it wasnt business hours so I went ahead and messaged Southwest Airlines on Facebook. They did not read it so I messaged them Monday afternoon, and they (Adam & Connor/Facebook team?) assured me they would handle it and look into it.


Adam and Connor have not handled it and have not even responded to me. I have asked them to call, email me or message me and they have done nothing. I sent another message today (Tuesday) asking what is going and now a Victoria is looking into it and will get back to me. She finally gave me a service request number (# 2253852557109) that Adam and Connor were supposed to. This is almost 48 hours after the incident! I am wondering what's going on and why nobody wants to talk to me directly?


What is the policy for complaining about other passengers whom are being drunken and loud? What is the policy for serving drunk passengers that have been complained on?


Thank you for time,
Richard Hollon

Service Request # 2253852557109


Re: l Serving Alcohol to Drunk Passengers policy

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Hopefully you reached out to Southwest via one of the options under Contact Us on






Re: l Serving Alcohol to Drunk Passengers policy

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Unfortunately, there's no policy to kick rude, drunk people off an airplane :cattongue: