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left iphone on the plane on oct 15th

Explorer C

it was sad day from me -

By mistake I left my iphone (7plus) black seat pocket infront of me.

I was sitting row ~15 or so - middle seat, from sjc - DAL on flight#1316.

behind my iphone seat cover there is valuable my late wife personal item.

I really hate to loose that.



I filed claim, nothing found so far. They haven't provided any contact number to reach them to provide further details. incase if anybody know local dallas lost/found department number, please help to post


Re: left iphone on the plane on oct 15th

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that you left your phone and your late wife's personal item on the plane. I hope they show up and are returned to you.


You've already done what you need to do: file a claim about the lost items. All you can do now is let the process evolve.


Good luck.

Re: left iphone on the plane on oct 15th

Aviator A



I'm sorry you left your phone on the plane forgetting things on planes or losing things is not fun.


the best thing you can do since you filled the lost item report it to wait it will take some time since all lost items will go to the lost item center where they will compare it to all the reports on record and hopefully will call you ASAP 


for your privacy and protection if you could please edit your post to remove your email address since this is a public forum (customer to customer) and I wouldn't want anyone to use your email for something bad. Should someone find your phone and see your post here they can always DM you here. 


hope your phone is found and returned in a timely manner!


Re: left iphone on the plane on oct 15th

Aviator A

Are you able to use "find my iphone" or was it left in airplane mode?



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