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left laptop on plane MacBook pro

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Late Thursday 1230am on the night of 5/16 to 5/17 I left my gray macbook pro 13" laptop  in the pocket of the seat in front of me (right side, front of plane) on flight 1462 from BWI to LAX. This was the last flight that night, so it was too late to go back to baggage claim (which reopened at 5 am). I was unable to get back to LAX until 1 pm the next day (5/17), by that time the SW baggage claim said that the plane had been cleaned and left the airport, nothing turned in. According to them, the cleaners were supposed to turn in whatever they found to their office, so either they missed it, or it was stolen. However, the other person in my seat row left right behind me, so if stolen it would have to have been by a staffer, or if missed by the cleaners, on a later flight. 


I submitted a L&F report with a description and the serial  #, the laptop also has a business card with my contact info taped to the bottom. I tried calling SW but the person I reached was unable to assist - all found items end up in a central warehouse, might be located before the 30 day limit, etc.


If by chance anyone on this site has found it, please email or call me per the taped info, a reward is offered.


It is clear that SW needs a better system during the cleaning process  to immediately identify valuable items left on their aircraft by passengers, especially with their no assigned seating scheme. 


Re: left laptop on plane MacBook pro

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Sorry you lost your MacBook.


You did the right thing in filing a lost item report. The fact that you included your serial number, and had a business card with the computer certainly increases the likelihood that the item will be returned to you.


If just .001 of the travellers file a lost item report, that means the airline would need to reunite

160,000 items with the owners of those items. With that number of items, the airline simply cannot

provide the personal service that you would like.


The airline does have a lost item process, and it works a lot of the time, but not every time. It ships found items to a central location in Alabama. At that location it tries to match items reported lost with the found items. When there's a match the item is reurned.


I hope the process works for you.