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lost SD/memory card on plane

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I lost a blue, small (thumb-sized) SD drive on a flight from Seattle to Oakland (SWA 3663) last night.  I was sitting in the very back row of the aircraft. I filed a report but given the item is rather small and its ability to be found may be more time-sensitive, I am taking a shot at posting here - there are a lot of travel photos in there that haven't been backed up and would be really valuable to recover. 


Does anyone have any suggestions? I called the two airports I was coming to/from just in case it might have been returned to them as well, but I'm positive that this was lost on the aircraft. It's a rather small item so I'm not optimistic it would've been found and tagged, but I just want to know - how does Southwest match up these items? Does Southwest actively look for new "lost" item claims as they are filed? 


Re: lost SD/memory card on plane

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There's an online search, but it may be tricky since the item could go several flights or even route turnover before being found so it may be difficult to tag it as belonging to your origination or destination.


I used this unsucessfully to find my daughter's iPhone 4S in a pink and purple case in case anyone has seen that one flying around...possibly MDW-SFO, SFO-SLC...

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