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lost luggage

Explorer C

I have always flown SW, for many reasons, it has been my favorite airline!  Recently, I took me three children on an Alaskan Cruise, a very big trip for us!  Upon returning, my daughters luggage never arrived at the airport in AZ.  Our flight was delayed 2 hours getting us home after midnight.  We waited 20 minutes and searched everywhere to no avail.  I phoned the airport the next morning and was transferred to a number where I left a message, then again the following day left another message.  Never heard back.  Next I called the 1800 # and they said to send an email.  Then I found another number online I called and finally spoke to a women.  After about a week and a half of talking to several people, questioning me, and aking for the numbers I called and almost saying I did not call, it was aweful.  My daughter started 7th grade that week, and was devastated her things were gone, all her toiletries, jewlery, gifts, clothes, everything!  I took her shopping and spent hours doing all of the requirements SW gave us.  I still have not heard back, I am so frustrated with how I have been treated and not able to talk to any one, and having to prove with receipts all the treasures we lost.  I honestly feel like just accepting the loss and walking away would be ealeir to deal with and I truly did not expect to be treated like this or for the process to be this difficult and stressful.  Please SW, my claim is not a lot, you refuse to reimburse the jewlery alone, that amount is just gone.  I have been a loyal customer, I have used your credit card for years and I am aksing you to recosider your process, for those of us that are honest, loyal customers, and flying your airline, our personal luggage is gone!  Its more tramatic that I imagined, realizing all that is gone, trying to replace what we can and not being able to replace many of her things.  I would expect a little more care and compassion and a better process that weeds out the people who try and treat, but takes care of those that innocently lost precious belongings.  


Still waiting



Re: lost luggage

Aviator A

Did you also use the online link to post for the missing luggage?



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Re: lost luggage

Explorer C

I've been a regular SW user for over a decade. We purchase trips through the SW vacation website 1-2 times a year. We just returned tonight from a long work trip/vacation and none of the 3 large bags we checked arrived with us. We immediately filed a claim and were told we would likely hear back within a couple hours where our luggage was, but it's 5 hours later and we haven't heard a word. SW changed our flight within an hour of our scheduled take-off time, and we had already checked our bags by the time they made the change, but the SW rep who asked us to change flights assured us that our checked bags would still travel with us. SW still has absolutely no way of tracking the bags they are transporting (seems odd since every company from the USPS to the local pizza shop has methods of tracking the location of your products) so we just have to wait and see if they show up anywhere.

Re: lost luggage

Explorer C

I'm sorry to hear of this. I recently experienced something similar.

Please the post here:


You might find replies to my post helpful for advice on what to do. Good luck.