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luv voucher

New Arrival

Does anyone know if SW if extending the expiration dates for the LUV Vouchers? I have a few that are expiring in May of this year.  Thanks!


Re: luv voucher

Active Member

One option would be to convert it to RR points by buying and cancelling a ticket, then converting the travel funds to points (via their new program).   Then the points could be used indefinitely, for anyone, and with no new expiration date when you cancel.

I haven't used a luv voucher, but I suspect RR points are easier to use.


Just a thought


Re: luv voucher

Rising Star

You could book a flight with the LUV voucher and since the ticket would take the expiration date of the voucher it should then be eligible for an extension after you cancel. 


So I'd book a flight for a date in May then cancel it your funds should be extended to September 7th 2022 in a few weeks.