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mobile boarding pass not available

New Arrival

I have just tried to have mobile boarding passes sent for me and my wife, by using the SWA app on my iphone.  When it didn't work I found a discussion thread on the SWA website with many people complaining about the same problem.   The thread started in September 2016 and ended in January 2017. During that time Lindsey from SWA commented sevreral times on the restrictions on use of mobile boardin passes -- including, inexplicably, more than one person being on a single reservation -- and though she tried valiantly to identify and solve the problem, it still persists in November 2017.  Since most other major airlines send mobile passes when more than one person is on a reservation, I still have the same question everyone else had:  Why?


Re: mobile boarding pass not available

Top Contributor

Unfortunately, Southwest has never been know for exemplary IT services. One hopes this issue will be addressed soon, but keep in mind that Southwest was one of the last carriers to offer mobile boarding passes in the first place.