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multiple tickets

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I have a flight home this evening, and I had originally booked a southwest flight months back. Over this past weekend, seeing how so many people were affected by the southwest cancellations, I booked another ticket home at the same time on a different airline in case my southwest one would be cancelled. If my southwest one isn’t cancelled, can I cancel my reservation for the second airline even after checking in? Can I check into both now just to be on the safe side, and cancel one of them around an hour before departure once it’s obvious there isn't going to be a cancellation? I appreciate any help, I am very nervous about flying/travelling and just want to make it home safe.


Re: multiple tickets

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You should be able to cancel any ticket on any airline - even after you check in. With Southwest you have to do so no later than 10 minutes before departure time. You'll have to check with the other airline about what it's rules are.


If you do so on Southwest, you'll get a travel fund good for a future flight. Depending on the other airline, the rules may vary depending on which type of ticket you bought. Some deep discount tickets are non refundable, and others may be refundable (perhaps to that airline's version of a travel fund). Again, you'll need to determine what rules are in place at the other airline.

Re: multiple tickets

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As mentioned you should be able to cancel on other airlines however not all airlines let you keep those funds some have cancellation fees where you may forfeit a set amount of money