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price for 1 different than price for 2

Explorer B

very strange. Ive been checking prices for our return flight from Las Vegas to Seattle on July 15th. If I put in 1 passenger its $172 if I put in 2 passengers its $194.Whats with that? I have a credit to use because our flight to Lv came dwn so I got a$ 33.10  for each of us so Im going to have to use that credit at one time because Im the one who booked is that correct.One of the credits has my name and one has my husbands,but if I am correct I must book both of us together.If I was to book our return seperately could I use both credits on one ticket so I get the lower rate ?Im new to southwest actually this will be our first with this carrier


Re: price for 1 different than price for 2

Aviator A

Strange, yes. But that's how Southwest's pricing works.


A flight will have many price levels, with a set of seats available at each level. Once that level sells out, the price jumps up to the next level. If you need more seats than available at a certain price level, the system recalculates and charges all the seats at the higher price. (This is, in my opinion, unfair and misleading -- but it's apparently legal.)


Whenever booking for multiple people, first check the price for just one flyer, then compare. If necessary, break up the group to get as many seats at the lower price(s) as possible.


You can book your return flights individually, just enter the confirmation number of the credit twice -- once for each booking. The system should apply half of the credit to the first booking, and the other half when you book the 2nd person. (This doesn't always work correctly, so unfortunately you may need to call if it doesn't work right online.)


In general, it's best on Southwest to book individual flights for each person -- this is one of the reasons. 😉