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re-booking flight for a cheaper one

New Arrival

Hi - I have a question....I've never traveled Southwest before and I noticed that my flight is now cheaper....I know that I can get a credit for the difference, however my question is more related to the Early-Bird does that work?  I already selected early bird check-in for my original flight, will I lose my place in line perse once check-in is initiated? I wasn't sure if it goes by when you booked your ticket ( I booked my tickets months ago)....Thanks! 


Re: re-booking flight for a cheaper one

Top Contributor

It's unclear exactly, and Southwest isn't saying... but in general, if you're not changing to a different flight, you should retain the same position you had. If you change to a different flight, then the "date of EBCI purchase" used to decide your position is actually the date you switched to the different flight.


Just remember to use the "change flight" function -- don't cancel and rebook.


Glitches do continue to happen, so check back later and make sure EBCI is still attached to your reservation.

Re: re-booking flight for a cheaper one

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Your boarding position should not change if your flight is not changing. I believe even if you change your flight you might still get the same spot based on when EB check in was purchased of course it would change a bit based on when others on the new flight bought EB check in. I would still change to the lower fare because having a credit for a future flight is always nice and it doesn't cost you anything to change to the cheaper flight.


just don't cancel the flight or you will lose the EB check in and it is non refundable you can change the flight as many times as you want though and EB will stay attached 


hope this helps!