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refund not refunded

New Arrival

I was supoosed to get a refund of $367 from southwest, but everytime I call customer relations number it would either direct me to customer service or the wait times are 40 - 50 minutes, sometimes even 90minutes. 


I booked a flight from denver to SFO and then I cancelled my flight , and booked another flight from denver to SJC on the same day. I got an email saying my flight has been cancelled. But when I went to airport and checked in my bags, I realized I was given the boarding pass for SFO and not to SJC. Immediately I went to southwest help desk at the gate and explained them my situation , they changed my boarding pass and gave me the right boarding pass. 


Now I am charged for both flights. When I called southewest customer service they asked me to raise an inquiry and I did. But I never got my funds back . its been 2months now and I am calling southwest customer service/relations almost every other day for this. 


Can anyone have any suggestions on this ?