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refund not refunded

New Arrival

I was promised a refund of funds which were held against my wishes when the flight was cancelled within 24 hours

I rebooked, paid with my CC and now have 2 fares on my card

Customer service told me they would refund and only the 30 early bird was refunded


I waited 45 minutes to talk to a rep who then asked me the whole story and then told me that I would have to call 1 855 234-4654 and the wait is 48 minutes. WHAT A RUN AROUND AND ITS MY MONEY AND YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE KEPT IT!


Re: refund not refunded

Top Contributor

Unfortunately, refunds often take quite some time with Southwest -- 6-8 weeks is their usual stated timeframe.


You can always start an inquiry with your credit card, which will put the funds back into your account immediately, but temporarily, while they research the claim. That's usually long enough to cover until Southwest processes it back.


The long delay for refunds is may hurt many customers, in light of the new policy making fully refundable fares non refundable after any changes. Since the solution is to cancel and rebook, a lot of customers will have a lot of funds held by Southwest, who presumably is making money off of the float.



Re: refund not refunded

New Arrival

Thank you for the reply 

it really does not seem legal! I did as you  suggested . I think the fact that they refunded my 30 dollar fee immediately confused me.

i also do not understand why the company has two sets of standards for customer service. When reserving or changing flights if there is a long wait, you can be put  in a cue and they will call you back. When you call the customer relations line the wait times are 45 minutes to 68 minutes or longer and there's no option for that. After years of being impressed with southwest, I realize, it's only because I was lucky enough not to have any money issues!