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refund of group travel deposit

New Arrival

I would to receive a credit to my account for group travel when our trip was cancelled

to a shutdown of golf courses in palm springs.  We were to fly to ontario, california

and then drive to palm springs but obviously couldn't.  I know the agreement says

that you lose your deposit in case of cancellation but due to the circumstance the

cancellation was unavoidable and out of our control.  Southwest changed their policy for the Early Bird policy to allowing a travel voucher and the deposit policy needs to be

 changed due to the same circumstances.  Is anybody else having this problem??


Re: refund of group travel deposit

Top Contributor

Adjustments to group travel policies are being made on a case by case basis. Send your request to



Re: refund of group travel deposit

New Arrival

I sent my request there and their options are travel within the next 120 days as a group or 1 e gift card for a group that normally do not travel together.  Is that really a solution to the problem?? Not at all, even if they gave everyone a voucher would be more reasonable. 

Re: refund of group travel deposit

New Arrival

I am having the same issues, my group cruise was cancelled and SW want to offer the group a later travel date of 120 days or a e gift card for the amount but that's an inconvenience to the entire group that comes from different places and unable to travel together. I am currently waiting for a response to the escalation I made with a representative.