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refundable tickets?

Explorer C

How do I know if my purchased ticket qualifies for a refund, if necessary? Which tickets are eligable for a refund and which are not?


Re: refundable tickets?

Aviator A

The following tickets are refundable

-senior tickets

-Business select tickets

- Anytime fares


wanna get away tickets are NON refundable however should should need to cancel one of these tickets you will have 1 year from original booking date to reuse the funds by the same pasanger as you made the reservation fornfunds are non transferable 


however all tickets have a 24 hour freee cancelation for a refund so if you book a wanna get away ticket at say noon today you could cancel up until noon tomorrow for a full refund 


if you book a points ticket all points tickets are refundable 


hope this helps and hope to see you on board the LUV jet soon


Re: refundable tickets?

Explorer C

this is only partially true.  If you purchase a roundtrip ticket, and do not complete the outbound trip with a connection. all of the the unused portion is non refundable, even if you try toi call and cancel.    Bothg the unused departure leg and all of the return leg.  This would not be true if you had booked two oneway tickets, which would be the same price.

Re: refundable tickets?

Aviator A

On "refundable tickets," be aware of a recent change that can effectively make refundable = non-refundable.


In an astonishing policy change, if you make any changes to a "refundable" ticket itinerary, you'll lose the ability to cancel for refund at any later point. Any itinerary change will force that ticket to become non-refundable, generating only travel funds upon cancellation, with the same restrictions and expiration as a WGA fare.


Going forward, never change any itinerary that includes a "refundable" fare -- always cancel that itinerary and request a refund, then rebook the new itinerary. Yes, this means that your money will be tied up by Southwest until the refund is issued (sometimes many weeks later) but that's the only way to ensure you won't lose refundability.


This is a hugely negative change, stealthly made without much notice, and will likely trap many unsuspecting customers. 😞