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shelter in place can't travel

Explorer C

I am frustrated that SW is only offering my husband and I travel funds for our one way trip. Hawaii, our destination, is ordering people to self quarantine upon arrival and our state, California, isn't even allowing us to travel so we cannot fly. It seems that a refund is in order......


Re: shelter in place can't travel

Adventurer C

SW DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL SITUATIONS! You are just a # to them and a source of income. They will not add the human side to their policies and make any exceptions. They have changed LUV into HATE. Once you use your credit then never fly them again, spread the word, there are petitions with over 3500 signatures asking for refunds for any paid ticket ( Looking for an law office to start a class action suit. All unhappy customer can ban together. Bring bad press to SW. They will not listen to your plea or sob story. They just do not give a dam about anything but their bottom line. They hide behind their positions and layers of management and policies. SHAME ON SW.

Re: shelter in place can't travel

Frequent Flyer A

Obviously, California is allowing you to travel. If you could not, then they would not be allowed to fly, and your flight would be canceled. If they cancel the flight, per the DOT, they have to give you a refund. If that happens, and they do not (word is that they are resisting), then you have a grievance. If not, take your credit. A LOT of people are losing a lot right now. Southwest Airlines and its employees are losing a lot right now. You have no reason to complain.

Re: shelter in place can't travel

Aviator A

Please refer to the latest information Southwest provides: You can cancel your flight any time between now and May 31 and your travel funds will be good until June 30, 2021. Plenty of time to reschedule a trip.







Re: shelter in place can't travel

Aviator A

@haveason if Southwest cancels your flight then you should be able to ask for and receive a refund, see this thread:


If you cancel the flight then they will issue travel funds.

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: shelter in place can't travel

Aviator A

@haveason If you have not recently, I would encourage you to reach back out to SW to explain the situation and ask for what you would like.  


I can't speak for them, but it might be worth another shot to specifically reach out to customer relations via Facebook or Twitter message or 855-234-4654.


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: shelter in place can't travel

Explorer C

Lighten up, Folks! Everyone is under a lot of stress right now. I have faith that SW will do the right thing in the end. Practice patience and good will. We all need good vibes right now! 🙏☮️