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should I book now or wait?

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Last week the flights or Orlando were only $47. I didn’t book because I didn’t have my dates ready. Now the flights are $95. My trip isn’t until September so should I wait to see if the price will go down again or book now?


Re: should I book now or wait?

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WHere is your origination airport? Orlando gets busy with tourists so I tend to expect it not to drop other than maybe a sale or for odd times.


Who knows though, Southwest can change the fares depending on many factors. 


If you fly very frequently with Southwest then I'd buy it and then re-price if it drops taking a travel fund credit for use on a different flight, within a year of the original purchase.


If you don't fly very often and wouldn't use the travel funds, then if the fare looks good at $95 I'd buy it and not look back.


Remember there isn't a change fee, so I tend to lock it in now, and change dates later which will be the current price, but worse case I'm not out any more than if I waited to buy the tickets and the price went up either way, and there's a chance that I get a deal and keep the dates as-is.

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