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should I use the customer of size?

Explorer C

I am a little over 300 lbs and I'm kind of worried I won't fit into the seats. I've been trying to lose weight for the past year, well actually all my life, but it's been hard to shed the extra pounds. Last time I flew I was around 250ish and I can't remember if I got into the seats because that was almost 7 years ago. My flight is about 2 1/2 hours and I don't know if I'm considered a customer of size or not. I don't want to take someone else seat but I also don't want to be rubbing my shoulder on them. So, should I call the airline and let them know I'm a customer of size or will I be fine?


Re: should I use the customer of size?

Frequent Flyer C

Go to the customer service podium at the gate* and tell them that you would like to be accommodated as a Customer of Size. They should be able to help you with that best at this point. Have a great flight!


*Alternatively, you can go to the "Full Service" line at the airport and the customer service agent there can also accommodate your request.

Re: should I use the customer of size?

Aviator A

I know several people who are 350lbs and they use the COS all the time without issue 


my suggestion is to book the 2nd seat in advance because if the flight is sold out when you get to the counter and you haven’t purchased the seat you could be denied easier because they usually have to get a supervisor for permission to oversell the flight. Booking in advance will reduce the chance of being questioned if you are boarder line (remember it’s not about weight but if you fit in the seat) weight is not distributed the same on everyone so if you think you need it do it (extra space is nice)