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tracking travel funds

New Arrival

I find it extremely difficult to keep track of my remaining travel funds....I keep an email folder with canceled flights and then send myself an email with remaining funds.  Anyone else have a better way to track them?

Would be great if would have your travel funds available to use when you're booking a flight on the site.  Feels a bit shady that we have to be excellent with record keeping to use remaining travel funds.


Re: tracking travel funds

New Arrival

Tracking travel funds is just crazy. 

And the fact they wont extend the funds not even a day without charging u 100.00. They are keeping money that isnt even theres to keep. Makes me mad the my daughter and I will lose 79.00 each. 

Re: tracking travel funds

Rising Star

The old saying "Always count your change" When anyone receive a refund they are given the amount of the credit, the expiration date and are also sent an email. Most of the blame for credits going missing must go the the customer who either delete their email or don't write down the information in a safe place.  Southwest is the only airline that doesn't charge a fee to change a ticket and give you a year to use a credit if you need to cancel a ticket.  Customers need to take responsibility for their own money. 

Re: tracking travel funds

Top Contributor

Completely agree that complaining bout having to keep track of refunds is ridiculous when no other airline offers refunds for cancelations and rebooking without fees like Southwest does. I'll gladly do a little work to track my funds in exchange for not paying fees.


Personally, I use a Google Sheet to keep track of my travel funds. I can access the information from any device so it's always available to me when I am booking flights. Every time I cancel or rebook I put the confirmation number, expiration date, and value of the funds into the sheet.