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travel funds

Explorer C

For short time there was a button you could click  once you logged in that showed your available travel funds now its not there when I am checking out. It is requiring a confirmation number which of course I dont have and there is no way to get the credit card number because the flights were purchased by my previous company. Really loved the feature where there was a list of my funds to choose from 


Re: travel funds

Aviator A

The view travel funds option is still there. To access from the mobile app: log in to your account and go to the your account section where it would show your progress towards A List scroll down to the bottom and you will see the option to view travel funds. 


On the full website: log in to your account and click my account button. that option should be at the top above your status progress bars. 


Keep in mind it will only show you travel funds that you had your rapid rewards number attached to the reservation and only funds created after December 3rd 2019 will show up.