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Re: travel funds

Aviator A

You can check the balance of funds here:


As mentioned before, you'll need your confirmation numbers. 

Re: travel funds

Adventurer B

@shdf wrote:

Thanks, it only let me check four confirm numbers.  Why would that be?  I wanted to check all for the past 12 months to make sure I didn't miss any before they expire.  How do I check more than four?  I know for sure I have funds available under one confirm number.  Thanks for your help

Be careful how to use travel funds !!! I had a bad experience with multiple travel funds:


1. Travel funds is expired a year from the date you book flight not travel date.


2. If you mix the travel funds for a new reservation and cancel, the earliest expiration date will be applied for all the travel funds. It happend  to me  this year when I used $5.60 refund (taxes & fees) expired on May 23, 2017 (not sure exactly date) with $200 voucher expired on January 2018 and due to weather, I cancel the flight the total $205.60 expired on May 23, 2017. As you see, I tried to use only $5.60 travel fund first since it would expire soon causing my $200 having earlier expiration date too (May 23, 2017 instead of January 2018) !!!

Re: travel funds

Explorer C

Does anyone know:  I have travel funds that expire in April 2018.  Do I have to book the flight by the expiration date?  Or do I have to fly by the expiriation date?

Re: travel funds

Aviator B

Travel must be completed by!