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travel vouchers

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I have over 900 in travel vouchers expiring Jan 25, 2021.  They were issued Jan 25, 2020.  That gave me a whopping month and 1/2 to used before lockdown...  I'm trying to schedule a trip now and they will not extend - not even 6 months.  This is a voucher, not points.  They are so short sighted.  I am the customer that will be loyal (yes, I have points as well as the credit card) - yet they won't extend.  Unbelievable.  That is my money and they are going to pocket it and give me nothing in return.  When things get back to normal they are going to wonder where their customer base went.  I was told If they extended me they would have to extend everyone.  What's wrong with that?  JUST DO THE RIGHT THING!!!  Don't put this problem on the back of your previous customers.  You have done nothing and have no right to keep their money


Re: travel vouchers

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How/why did you obtain your voucher?

Re: travel vouchers

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Based on the one year expiration period they are travel funds, not vouchers.


Earlier this year Southwest offered anyone with a travel fund the opportunity to extend expiration out to September 2022.  Unfortunately you did not take advantage of the opportunity when it was available and now your travel funds still expire one year from original purchase date.


You can convert them to a LUV voucher after they expire, just do it 6 months from expiration.  The resulting voucher will be good for 6 months.  Since the value of each travel fund that gets converted is reduced by $100 you should combine the travel funds into one fund before they expire.



Re: travel vouchers

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If these are LUV vouchers anyone can use them. Maybe see if any of your friends/family can use them so they don't go to waste. 


Another option is on a case by case basis after the voucher expires they may offer a 6 month extension however that comes with a $100 fee so if you have multiple vouchers there would be multiple $100 fees unless you combined the funds by buying a flight with multiple vouchers then canceling that would turn 2 vouchers/funds in to 1. I know the extension offer happens with travel funds but not sure on LUV vouchers. To request this exception after the vouchers expire you would need to Contact Customer Relations