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what happens if i miss my flight

Explorer C

I had sent a message a few minutes ago regarding pre-boarding but forgot to mention what happens if:  i have us booked on two different airlines.  We only have 1.5 hours to get our luggage and re-check it before catching our SW flight.  It just didn't occur to me that since we were using two different airlines that I had to re-check bags to the second carrier (we always stick with one carrier thoughout the travel part).  What happens if we miss our flight?  Will we get booked to the next available?  will there be a charge to do this?  HELP!  I just want to be prepared.  We leave next week and I'm glad that I'm finding this out now so I can avoid a heart attack if i had not known!



Re: what happens if i miss my flight

Aviator A

Southwest has an unofficial "flat tire" policy that allows someone who is late to their flight to get on the next available flight without an additional charge. This is at the discretion of the employee so smile and ask nicely when you are checking your bags. The check-in agent may refer you to a gate agent as they tend to have more control over standby passengers, but since you're checking bags, start with the agent at check-in.  It's a good idea to know your flight options before you go, is there a later flight? Perhaps you can reach your destination via a connection instead of a non-stop? If you miss the last flight of the day you may be out of luck.