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wheel chair

Explorer C

I will be traveling Southwest in June with my mom and dad.  My dad is unable to walk long distances and I would like to get a wheel chair to take him from check in to the gate.  Is this something I need to do in advance or do I just let someone know when we arrive at the airport.


Re: wheel chair

Explorer C

You can do either one!  When you buy the tickets there will be a Disability box to check.  You check it and choose the type of help he needs and then a WCH will appear on his boarding pass.  When you get to the airport, let the agent know you need a wheelchair and they will help you get one.  Each airport handles wheelchairs differently.  If you already bought your tickets and did not indicate a disability for your father, you can call and add it to the ticket or just wait and ask an agent for help at the airport.  Again, each airport is different.  In my experince though, Southwest is the best for people with wheelchirs of all the airlines.  

Re: wheel chair

Aviator A

New since the original response is the option for “Live Chat” from the Southwest app if you are a Rapid Rewards member to make requests such as this. (And many more types of assistance.) Also twitter to @SouthwestAir is another method although don’t send any personally identifying info (I.e. confirmation number or last name) until asked for a private direct message.


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