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worst airline in the business

Explorer C

Terrible customer service, DO NOT RECOMMEND  SOUTHWEST!!! Hidden info when purchasing tickets, then if you need to change or cancel a flight they have stipulations that you were never made aware of, just another way to scam your money. FLY DELTA!!


Re: worst airline in the business

Aviator A

What hidden info and stipulations are you referring to? On Southwest you can cancel or change your flight for free. There is no charge other than the difference in flight cost if you are changing your flight - and you can change your flight as many times as you like. On Delta, they charge a whopping $200-$500 to change or cancel your flight on nonrefundable tickets. On Basic Economy they don't even allow changes or cancellations. Seems like Southwest comes out way ahead in this scenario. 



Re: worst airline in the business

Aviator A

I'd love to hear specifics @NTABOR11, what exactly do you find to be a scam?