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Luggage Restrictions

New Arrival

Hello All-


i recently purchased a ticket to Havana for New Years. I have a question in regards to the luggage. I see that it says "No Cardboard Boxes" . Even if you pay the excess baggage fee? What if I put the box in a duffell bag or wrap it in plastic? 


Can you please verify the restrictions with luggage. Thank You 


Re: Luggage Restrictions


Hi @JRomeo1979


Thanks for posing this question to the Southwest Airlines Community! I moved your comment over to the Cuba board as a new post so others can benefit from the answer. In short, you cannot check a cardboard box when traveling to Cuba. If the box fits inside a piece of luggage that meets the standard weight and size limits, it may be checked as one of your two allowed bags. 


As stated on, here is the specific baggage information you need to know when traveling to Cuba:


  • Southwest allows two (2) checked pieces of baggage per ticketed Customer. Size and weight limitations apply. If you plan to check luggage, you will be required to do so at a Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter upon arrival to the airport. You cannot checkin or check luggage at curbside.
  • Baggage Embargo to Cuba. In an effort to ensure the best possible service and experience for our Customers traveling to Cuba, we have determined it necessary to implement a temporary embargo on Customers attempting to check more than two bags, oversized bags (over 62 linear inches), or overweight bags (in excess of 50 pounds). Please note that cardboard boxes are also prohibited. All other standard baggage rules apply.



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