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Return flight availability HAV to MSY

New Arrival

I'm trying to book round trip flights from New Orleans to Havana, but there are almost no available return flights showing on the fare calendar.  I know SW flies at least twice daily from Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa, why is there no availability for me from New Orleans?  


Re: Return flight availability HAV to MSY

Top Contributor

That is an annoying oddity you've found. Once again probably the result of some great programming on Southwest's system. Usually it's because the trip would require a layover that was too short, but in this case you could catch a morning flight from HAV to FLL then an afternoon flight FLL to MSY.  I would suggest you find the best itinerary for yourself by searching for one way flights for each segment  (HAV-FLL and FLL-MSY) and then call Southwest and see if they can make a valid trip out of it and give you a price. Definitely not ideal. Perhaps they could also offer a reason for you being unable to price it.