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Tight Connection time between domestic and Cuba flight

New Arrival

Hi there!  I will be traveling to Cuba in a couple of weeks and I purchased tickets from Nashville to Cuba.  The 'pre-packaged' flight through Fort Lauderdale shows us having just 50 minutes from the time we land until we take off for Havana.  Is this enough time to transfer?  Don't we have to change terminals and check in through a separate location specifically for Cuba when we arrive in Fort Lauderdale?  


I've tried speaking with a few Southwest representatives over the phone, but respectfully, they do not know anything regarding Cuba travel.  Each representative have misquoted information that directly contradicts the information provided on your very own website, regarding travel to Cuba.  Can I speak with someone directly who has knowledge with the Fort Lauderdale airport and  Cuba travel?  


Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Re: Tight Connection time between domestic and Cuba flight

Rising Star



I just looked at a flight today that was scheduled to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Cuba and it leaves out of gate B7 and other demostic flights leave from the same B gates.  Arriving flights from Nashville to Fort Lauderdale also land at B gates.  You do not have to change terminals... You will most likely land at the international terminal on the way back from Cuba to clear customs.