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Visit sooner, rather than later.

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If you're interested in travel to Cuba, you'll probably want to make the trip as soon as possible. The current administration is considering rolling back access.


Trump Considers Rolling Back Obama’s Opening With Cuba


"Mr. Trump, according to people close to the discussions, is also considering tightening restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba that were eased last year on the eve of Mr. Obama’s historic trip to Havana. The new policy allows Americans who are making educational or cultural trips to Cuba to initiate their own travel there without special permission from the United States government and without a licensed tour company.


Reversing it, or intensifying enforcement to require travelers to show evidence that their trips are legal, would probably slow the recent influx of American tourism to Cuba to a trickle, leaving airlines that have started direct flights there with fewer customers to serve."


Re: Visit sooner, rather than later.

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Thanks for the tip, CHGOFlyer!  I missed that news item while caught in a covfefe.