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App Updates - Offline Alerts on iOS


We've updated our Southwest App on iOS with new Offline Alert banners to help improve your experience the your device isn't yet connected to the network.  


This will be coming soon to our Android app.




We added this feature as we often hear that Customers may be unable to retrieve a boarding pass at security or at the gate.  This can happen when your device connects to a network WiFI connection which requires activation or authentication.  When this occurs, your device may look connected, but it can't reach our servers to get your boarding pass.   These new alerts will help you understand if you're in that situation so you can quickly connect, especially at time sensitive moments such as trying to pass through security or board the aircraft. 

We also recommend using an Apple Wallet or Google Pay boarding pass just in case you lose connection while traveling.   These passes are available even if you do not have network connectivity. 


In the future we will be adding a feature to cache your trip details and your boarding passes directly on your device.  That way, if you lose connectivity for a moment you'll still have access to critical details.


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