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App Updates - iOS Push Settings


It’s even easier to get the right messages from Southwest.  Our Digital Team recently launched Push Settings in the Southwest iOS App.  This allows Customers to easily subscribe to the push messages that are most relevant to them.  





Opt-in to receive messages when we announce new service, extend our schedule, or launch a great new sale for low fares.  Plus, you can choose what is best for you so you don’t miss out on important trip related messages such as check-in reminders and now boarding messages.


To access this new features just tap Settings in the navigation.






We will be bringing this feature to our Android app later in Q2.


Thank you so much to our Southwest Cohearts who brought this new capability to life including:


Allen P
Amanda B
Amber B
Angie S
Angie S
Ashley L
Brenna R
Brianna S
Caitlin K
Carole E
Chandra G
Chasya H
Chris G
Corri R
Dana M
Erin S
Gaurav M
Harry M
Harsh C
Jim J
Jole M
Josh L
Kevin L
Krizia D
Kyle D
Laurette S
McGuinn M
Megan S
Meniza B
Meredith H
Nick S
Penelope Y
Rebecca D
Sai A
Saritha E
Vijaya C
Vince B
Wade M


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