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Southwest Airlines Community

Community Champions Program FAQs

Retired Community Manager
Community Champions are leaders within the Community who help foster good conversation, share their stories, and answer questions in the Discussion Forum. Read on to learn more! 
Q: What is the Southwest Community Champions program?
A: The Southwest Community Champion Program recognizes the contributrions of outstanding Community Members. Champions have contributed significantly to the Community with answers, support, and Stories.
Q: Who are the Champions?
A: Champions are Southwest Community Members who have been nominated, and invited, into the Champions Program.
Q: Are Champions employed by Southwest or have an otherwise formal relationship?
A: No. Champions are not Southwest Employees. Champions volunteer their time to the Community without the promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation.
Q: What benefits are received?
A: Benefits fall into three categories:
Community Champions will be given a badge on the bottom right corner of their profile picture that will identify them as Members of the program.
Champions receive a variety of perks throughout their time in the program, ranging from exclusive swag to invitations to visit our Company Headquarters in Dallas, TX.
Champions have opportunities to connect regularly with The Southwest Community Team, making it easier to discuss questions, issues, and opportunities for the Community.
Q: How are Champions chosen once they are nominated?
A: Community Members who have been nominated (by themselves or by other
community members) are invited into the program by the Southwest Community Team.
Candidates are chosen based on their contributions to the community, knowledge of the
Southwest flying experience, and overall positive attitude.
Q: What does Southwest ask of Champions?
A: Champions are asked to continue contributing at significant levels to the community,
and to maintain a leadership presence within the community. Quite simply, Southwest simply asks Champions to continue being great community members.
Q: How long can I be a Champion?
A: Membership in the Champions program is a 12 month cycle. At the end of 12 months, all Champions need to be re-nominated and re-invited into the program. There are no
exceptions to this process. A Community Member can participate in the Champions
program for a number of years, assuming their contributions continue and they are re-invited to the program.
Q: How do you become a Community Champion?
A: Simple!
1. Contribute to the Community with a Fun-LUVing attitude!
2. Get nominated, or nominate yourself.
3. Wait for an invitation from the Southwest Community Team.
Q: Can I nominate myself?
A: Absolutely! Visit the Community Champions page to fill out a nomination form. 
Q: Anything else I should know?
A: This program is a voluntary, unpaid, non-employee position. There are no guarantees
for any particular benefits.