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Fantastic Experience!

Explorer C

My son and I flew southwest Saturday, May 4 flight 1766 from Dallas to Tampa at 6:03 PM. We had the best experience! The flight crew was absolutely phenomenal. There was a gentleman working that I did not get his name, but he was so funny and had me in stitches all night. 😂😂  He was so kind, actually gave me a hug and told me to be safe. The ladies of the flight crew were so sweet and we had a nice conversation in the back of the plane. Just talking about Family and Life. 
I have flown Southwest for many many years! Like decades.
I have never had the experience I had yesterday from the announcements, to the extra soda and snacks that was given to me and my son, and the impeccable smooth landing. This flight was by far my favorite. I literally cannot say enough good things about it. I have flown other Southwest flights and, they were just OK. 🫤 

Thank you again for the free luggage no change fees and phenomenal service!! Southwest all the way!!! 


Re: Fantastic Experience!

Aviator A

Thanks for sharing your fantastic experience.