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Inflight Experience Update - Enhanced Inflight Route Map


Our Enhanced Inflight Route Map Has Landed!


Enhanced Flight Tracker.png


This new update will provide our Southwest Customers with features that they may be used to seeing when using a seat-back flight tracker, but now on their own device. Which is great as more than a third of all time spent while in the SouthwestWiFi experience is spent watching the flight tracker. And there's just something very meta about watching a virtual view of the plane you are on that is going 500 mph over 5 miles in the sky, all while sitting inside that plane and looking at your device.

Here's a few things you'll find with this enhancement

  • A mobile first design since nearly 80% of our SouthwestWiFi users are on a mobile device
  • A 3D View with a total of five different map views including simulated views from the flight deck, window views, and top-down views.
  • Flight information displays including ground speed, altitude, heading, distance remaining and time at destination
  • Access to a Destination Guide with videos of things to do when at the destination
  • Plus, it's even so smart that it will change the look of the Southwest livery based upon whether you are flying on a special livery aircraft or not. So cool!













Throughout July & August we will continue to update the remaining ~100 aircraft with the enhanced flight tracker. Check it out on your next trip and let us know what you think!


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Special thanks to the following Cohearts & Partners who helped bring this to life

Steven Rollinson

Kuan Chin

Duncan Jackson

Boris Veksler