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Making a 50 Minute Plane Change

Explorer C

I am flying from Oakland, CA via Denver to Tulsa, Ok. My layover is only 50 minutes. Can I do a plane change in that short of time? Will my luggage make it? Thank you.



Re: Making a 50 Minute Plane Change

Aviator A

50 minutes is short but typically fine as long as there are no delays taking off. Your bags are automatically checked to the final destination. 

— Jessica

Re: Making a 50 Minute Plane Change

Frequent Flyer C

Also check to see if you are actually on the same plane;  I recently experienced this when my daughter returned from Hawaii.  As she was flying home I realized it was a 45 min connection and was concerned, but then realized it was actually the same plane, it just that the flight number ended on the first segment and a new one started, from the same plane, for the 2nd leg so it was fine, luggage was on plane.  

Re: Making a 50 Minute Plane Change

Frequent Flyer C

Remember that the plane begins boarding 30 minutes before takeoff, so 50 minutes gives you 20 minutes to get to the second plane before it begins boarding. 


I've had to go A-11 to B-13, one end of the airport to another, in BWI and it takes 15 minutes.