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Southwest Community Fantastic Five!

Retired Community Manager

Hello Community!


We mentioned a few days back that we had some fun Halloween treats coming. If you logged in today, you received one of those treats: the Halloween 2017 badge! Head over to your profile page to see it! 


Can you believe it’s been more than a year since we launched the Southwest Community?? It’s been amazing to see the growth and interest in this Community. When we launched, our Team wanted to create an inviting, warm space just like our Southwest flight experience. We are still building and tweaking and growing the Community, but we are so proud of how far we've all come together.


In the last year, there have been a great many contributions from Community Members. But a select few have really stepped up and contributed in amazing ways. We are calling these folks the Fantastic Five. And to properly recognize them, we have crafted a Fantastic Five badge.




 Without further ado, let us present your winners!

Massive Contribution Award: @TheMiddleSeat

This award recognizes massive contributions to the Community, from answering questions to welcoming people into the Discussion Forums. This person has put a ton of time into the Community, day after day.


Most Positive Award: @DancingDavidE

This award recognizes the Member who always brings positivity to the conversation. If they were on a plane, they’d be singing the boarding announcements. 


Most Answers Marked as Solved: @chgoflyer

One of the most critical ways we can judge the success of the Community is by how many solved answers are added to the Community. Answers marked as solved help other travelers figure out how to get their answers quick. This Member has blown us away with the number of their answers marked as solved.


Prepared for Takeoff Award: @sarahsmith

This award is for the person who is always able and willing to offer advice on making the travel experience go more smoothly and can be counted on for the best insider tips and tricks. 


Warm Embrace Award: @CareforNOLA

Whether you’re stepping onto a Southwest plane, or entering the Southwest Community, we want everyone to feel welcome. In addition to posting great questions, this Member has done a great job of making everyone feel valued and at ease when they jump into the discussion.



The Southwest Community Team would like to give a huge thanks to the Award Winners for all they do in keeping the Community a fun and helpful place. Please join us in congratulating them!