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Sunken Luggage

Explorer C

Has anyone ever had their luggage waterlogged?  I had never heard of this before but it happened to me 20 Apr 24.  I was on a flight from Dallas to Grand Rapids, MI for a yearly convention replete with black tie events.  Due to bad weather, my flight connection couldn't be met. I elected to fly into Detroit at 17:30 Detroit only four hours later than my original time. I changed planes in Orlando but my luggage did not.  That night I was forced to spend the  evening in the same clothes that I started off with at 0 Dark 30 .  I was subsequently told my luggage would arrive The next night. more than 36 hours later from the time Southwest took possession of it.  I picked my bags (2) up from GRF  Both bags have been deluged with water.  In the LV Garment bag was a tuxedo,  a new suit and a full length mink coat. Upon opening the bag I find it was deluged with water.  I don't mean damp, I mean wringing wet.  So wet it destroyed the mink coat I called Southwest letting them know of the damages. I was directed to make an incident report regarding my losses.  I was politely told that Southwest did not cover mink coats I took pics and videos of the damaged mink coat a  My tuxedo and new suit were also  drenched, as were the shirts ties, vests accompanying them.  unfortunately after being sent to the dry cleaners, they still maintain a faint odor.  Both pieces of luggage  themselves however are keeping a foul odor about then since both bags are soft sided.   I  think my luggage was damaged on purpose.  I let Southwest know that and asked if my luggage was the only luggage submerged in water and how could this have happened to me and/or others. While my counterparts were in ties and tails I was in a sweatshirt and jeans.  Since it was falling apart, ruined and beginning to smell,  I dropped it off at Southwest  Luggage dept.  located in Detroit on 23 APR 24 Southwest for its part; bequeathed me with a LUV voucher in the lofty sum of $150.  They also directed me to my homeowners policy to help cover the cost of another mink coat.  To date Southwest has yet to tell how this incident occurred and is not telling my insurance company that I left the ruined coat with Southwest luggage.  No one has bothered to answer my question as to how this happened. Has your luggage ever been drowned in water?  Help me understand how this took place