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Web Update - Frequent Travelers on Desktop


Our Digital Team just made booking even easier with the launch of Frequent Travelers on the desktop version of





Now you can save your frequent travelers in your account or while making a booking on the Purchase page.  Next time you're booking you can choose your Frequent Travelers to save you time.   All of their information will be copied over into your new reservation so you don't need to keep track of their middle name, their Known Traveler Number, or slyly try to obtain their birthday, yet again.  We will keep all that information on file to make things even easier for you.


Add up to 25 of your favorite friends, family members, or coworkers to make it even easier to travel together.  Plus, use your account to edit, delete, and add more numbers.  









While we made things easier, unfortunately for our Seinfeld fans, now Jerry has one more speed dial list to worry about.   If it helps, the list is sorted alphabetically so no need to try getting boosted to #1.   Though, there is always the risk of getting deleted!


Great news too, it looks like our Customers are really enjoying using this new feature.  In the first 48 hours of launch there have been 21,771 frequent travelers added to accounts.  Plus, 2,346 bookings have been made with a frequent traveler.  We’re so happy to see this feature being used to make travel even easier for our Customers.


Our vision is to be the Most Loved, Most Efficient and Most Profitable Airline.  We hope that this helps you love our digital booking experience even more, makes it even faster to book a great low fare, and brings you coming back for more travel on Southwest. 


Soon we will add the ability to book with a frequent traveler when making a booking on the Southwest app or the mobile version of our website.  For now, enjoy this feature while using the desktop version of on a laptop, computer, or while using a mobile device using Desktop mode.


Thank you so much to the e following Cohearts and partners that helped bring this experience to life.


Anant K
Ashley S
Blaire R
Blake B
Clayton R
Danny L
Edward G
Grant D
Jerel K
Jesus G
Jim J
Jole M
Kathi O
Krunal K
Louis R
Meredith H
Michael B
Mike C
Mo C
Qi F
Rachel H
Samba P

Sean M
Stephanie B

Vanessa M
Vinoth D
Yedil W


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