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Web & App Updates - Gift Cards now Mobile Friendly


We’ve made it even easier to give the gift of Southwest travel with your friends, family, and coworkers.  You can now easily buy a gift card on a mobile device or in our Southwest app.


You can find the option to purchase a Southwest gift card now on our full website, our mobile website and the Southwest app.


Plus, you can check the balance of a gift card on our websites and in our app.

Gift Cards.png



Behind the scenes this work is part of an effort to improve how we build our Digital Products so we can more quickly improve our Digital experiences for you. 


Over the past few years, we have introduced new ways of engineering our websites & apps that is more efficient and allows us to build even more product improvements.  For those into technology, we built this gift card workflow responsively which means we designed it to use a single set of code that powers the experience across our two major websites, our iOS app, and our Android app.  This allowed us to bring this new capability to market across all our stores at a rapid pace.   Plus, it’s just one place to maintain and optimize in the future.  We’ve now moved more products over to our responsive architecture including our Help Center, Gift Cards, and a tool for employee travel listings where we piloted this tech. 


We have also been using a technology behind the scenes called hybrid apps.  This approach allows us to use web-based experiences to power parts of our app experience.  We’ve been testing and deploying these new architectures over the past few years to ensure they only have a positive impact on your experience and do not impact performance.  You’ll find the following features now leveraging our hybrid app technology including Cars, Flight Status, View Travel Funds and recently our mobile Air Booking workflow.


We’ll continue to embrace new ways of working and building to ensure we can keep building new digital experiences for our Customers and Cohearts as efficiently and effectively as possible.  All to ensure we are Most Loved, Most Efficient, and Most Profitable for you, our Customers and our Cohearts.


You can learn about other recent improvements to our digital experiences here.


Thank you to our Customers for giving us this opportunity and to the following Cohearts who developed this great new capability


Adeeb A

Akl A

Amanda C

Amy B

Arunkumar R  

Blake M  

Coribtt B

David N  

Deepthi B

Erin S

Fouziya S

Gaurav M

Gloria C  

Guthrie S

Jerry M

Jim J

Jonathan C

Kathi O

Kelly F

Kenny Y

Lisa J

Mandy M

Manish M

Mark L  

Michelle S

Mike T

Naveen D  

Nick W

Paige M

Pooja K

Rachel S  

Ram V

Randy S

Scott B  

Shane M

Todd M

Vijaya M